Windows 8.1 Will Be Released On 18 October

We've been playing around with the beta since late June and know that computer manufacturers will get the final code by the end of this month. Now we have an official release date for existing Windows 8 users to get their hands on the free Windows 8.1 update: 18 October.

The update will be pushed out through the Windows Store on that date, and computers and tablets running the updated OS will also be allowed to go on sale. The official on-sale time will be 0000 on 18 October in New Zealand; that translates to 10PM AEST on 17 October in Australia. Microsoft's announcement bothers to translate that timing into the equivalent US time, so we're guessing this will be a simultaneous download, not a staggered release.

That release date is one week shy of a year since Windows 8 was released.

Check out our first look at Windows 8.1 to see what's in the release.

Mark your calendars for Windows 8.1! [Blogging Windows]


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