Windows 8.1 Supports Selective Data Removal

One problem with bring your own device (BYOD) is what to do with corporate information if an employee leaves: wiping that data often means wiping everything. Windows 8.1 incorporates one potentially useful feature in that department, allowing corporate data to be wiped remotely while leaving other information intact.

That feature is one of the security enhancements in the enterprise version of Windows 8.1 (which is currently in preview. Those features were outlined at the recent Black Hat conference, and the remote data management option is what jumped out for me in a blog post from Microsoft summarising the event:

With Windows 8.1, we introduce Remote Data Removal which will allow an IT department to wipe corporate data (e.g. emails, attachments, corporate data that came from Work Folders) off a BYOD device without affecting personal data.

Windows certainly isn’t the only platform with this feature (it’s build into BlackBerry 10, for instance), but it’s good to see availability expanding.

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