Will Privacy Issues Kill Predictive Analytics?

Huge volumes of data are collected every day that track our behaviour. And that data is being used in all sorts of ways that were never contemplated when it was first collected. Forrestor's Eric Siegel, author of "Predictive Analytics: The Power Predict Who Will Click, Lie, Buy, Or Die" looks at this very subject and reminds us that privacy issues remain a major big data issue.

Big data has been one of the biggest buzzwords in tech over the last few years. All that data, in itself, is of limited value unless it's used. Siegel discusses how that data can be used for predictive analysis and how privacy concerns might limit how the data is used. Check out the video for the full discussion.


    Google can have all my data, just not my bank passwords.
    I'm looking forward to not having to search for stuff coz Google just knows what i'm thinking.

      lol, I look forward to when google can just tell me what to think! predictive analytics has applications outside of "privacy" I use a tool called the rampup experimenter to forecast sales data based on traffic through my store, and I cant see it "dying" from privacy issues

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