Who Was Your Favourite Teacher And Why?

Who Was Your Favourite Teacher And Why?

The best teachers leave their mark on us long after we’ve left the classroom (or other learning situation). Let’s pay homage to them by sharing what made our favourite teachers so great.

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You might first think about influential teachers you’ve had at school, but this question could apply to non-traditional teachers as well. (After all, learning is the ultimate lifehack and should happen all the time.)

Who was your favourite teacher? Why?


  • He was never a school teacher for me as such, but for me it would be Carl Sagan. Man was wise.

  • Had an awesome male teacher in grade 6, we watched about an hour of mr bean nearly every single day!

  • My Science (physics and chem) Teacher in High School (Yr 11 and 12). He didn’t take nonsense, but treated you like adults, and loved a good joke. He was really passionate about his subject matter and it was infectious. Explained things really well, and gave me a love for physics and how stuff worked.

  • Mr. Bergstrom. Whenever I’m feeling down, I always take out the little slip of paper he gave me that reads “I am Lisa” and I instantly feel better 🙂

  • Elliott Hulse – Not a traditional teacher but has taught me a lot of stuff watching his videos on Youtube.

  • My final year English teacher was very special and made a great deal of effort on my behalf. He talked four other members of my year into doing 3U English so that I would do it, as I wasn’t prepared to do another class solo. I caught up with him again in recent years and was one of only three students from his entire teaching career invited to his 60th birthday celebrations.

    I also had a great maths teacher in early high school, but she was great not because of the way she taught me maths. She lived a few houses away from me and just a great human being in engaging me on an adult level. She also did a lot of work with disadvantaged kids trying to impart them with the math skills they would need to survive the lives they would face. Unfortunately her school masters didn’t like the idea of her teaching kids how not to be swindled on the betting track and shifted her towards early retirement. That was a tremendous loss to community.

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