What Qualities Make A Great Leader?

What Qualities Make a Great Leader?

We've all had our share of good and bad bosses, but what made us like or dislike them? While our personal opinions take a share of the credit, consistent qualities tend to crop up when we look at good management. What do you think makes a great leader?

Famous advertising executive David Ogilvy offers up an interesting list:

01. High standards of personal ethics.

02. Big people, without pettiness.

03. Guts under pressure, resilience in defeat.

04. Brilliant brains — not safe plodders.

05. A capacity for hard work and midnight oil.

06. Charisma — charm and persuasiveness.

07. A streak of unorthodoxy — creative innovators.

08. The courage to make tough decisions.

09. Inspiring enthusiasts — with trust and gusto.

10. A sense of humour.

What's on yours?

Original Mad Man David Ogilvy on the 10 Qualities of Creative Leaders [Brainpickings via Swissmiss]


    1. wisdom and foresight
    2. good looks

    I would put focus as one of the MOST important features.
    Also, anyone else that felt that point 01. (High standards of personal ethics) described few bosses? Typically, what I see from the upper echelons are balls of steel, lack of compromise, lack morals and lack of integrity - think high risk/brutal. Unfortunately, this sociopathic personality profile sums up many of our leaders today. What's more, they are paid a royalty for such behaviours too.

    I think this list is better:

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