What Do You Use Your Cloud Storage For?


    My favourite is portable app's, good to know filezilla, handbrake, putty and other apps are at my fingertips at anyone's house or business or even any PC I decide to put dropbox on. You never know when you might need to upload or log into someone's stuff. no need to DL, install and config, just head to DB and I'm away. wouldn't mind portable Winamp FTW.

    Spellcheck: Storing, not storeing.

    I use Copy - https://copy.com?r=3kGgzL - for my backups more space to start with and bigger referral bonuses means I have plenty of space (and it matches Dropbox feature for feature).

    I use Dropbox to share photos of my daughter with family around the world, to autoload torrents, and for syncing my keepass DB between devices.

    I use Google Drive for my work documents.

    My Wife wants to keep photos of our kids off of facebook as much as possible (which is a win for all my friends who dont want to see reams of photos of my kids). So for family who are interstate, and anyone else who cares enough, I've set up a shared dropbox folder so that they always have the latest photos in one convenient location, automatically synced to their computer, so they can print etc. As an added bonus, I got a heap of additional space from referring all interested family members who didn't have an account (which was a large proportion).

    I use mine for several things:
    1. Projects involving multiple collaborators that aren't ready for a source repository yet. (Sorry, not a purist on source control in a project's earliest stages).
    2. Documents and other resources I might need when travelling.
    3. Documents I routinely share with others (speaker headshots and blurbs, a few articles I've written that people sometimes ask for copies of, etc.)
    4. Config files for PuTTY and other such utilities.
    5. A collection of my equipment manuals and associated warranty documentation. (Handy when reselling as well as during ownership).

    All my work gets saved onto (dropbox + OCD organised folders) and Microsoft One Note skydrive. It's like another USB!

    SkyDrive is my cloud of choice. I use it for basically anything I either want to access anywhere, or things I want to share.

    - KeePass database and portable version of the app.
    - Various other portable apps
    - My Dropbox folder (Yo dawg, I herd u liek cloud storage...)
    - Travel documents
    - Budget, OneNote notebook and various other work documents

    But the real killer use with SkyDrive is the ability to access the entire contents of my home PC from the browser, so anything I don't already have explicitly in the cloud can be added and shared with very little hassle.

    I use SugarSync - it's used for transferring documents (e.g. my novel) between my laptop and my iPad, so I can write or do homework when I'm away from my laptop and don't want to carry a notebook and pen with me. It's also a repository for eBooks that I don't have in my Kindle app. It also serves as a backup for any important files (which are also backed up onto both of my external hard drives, and both of my flash drives).

    I'm an Accountant. I use Drop Box in my business

    Each of my clients has a drop box account folder and each of my employees share those folders. They can drop Accounting files, invoices, records and signed docs. Especially for country clients who have intermittent email drop box just gets the files there.

    Love it Love it. Think I have about 80- 100g free

      I assume they know their information is in someones cloud?

      O_O What the flapping hell!?

      Please let me know your company so I can avoid it like the plague.

      Your profession must have some form of effective privacy requirements, surely!? Even if if not, is it ethical giving such confidential information to the Americans?

    I use it to store my photos collection which I then stream to my android tablet via PhotosAlive! It's brilliant.

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