VMware Now Has Certifications For Newbies

VMware Now Has Certifications For Newbies

Need virtualisation skills for your IT career but feeling a tad daunted? VMware has introduced a new associate-level certification to sit underneath its existing VMware Certified Professional (VCP) scheme.

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Announced at the VMworld conference in San Francisco, the new VMware Certified Associate (VCA) certification will be available in four topic areas: data center virtualisation, cloud, workforce mobility and network virtualisation. Each includes free online learning modules; as usual with these certifications, you’ll pay for the exam. Hit the link below for more details.

VMware Certified Associate


  • Now they just need to remove the stupid requirement to attend a VCP training course in order to obtain a VCP. Not everyone can afford a $3k-4k course just for a certification!

    • But that is the precise reason why the certification is valued. You can’t just take the test after memorizing brain dumps. You at least have to get some training and make a significant investment

      • It does show commitment, but it also creates a barrier to entry that is based solely on money. people who already have a good paying VMware job can afford the certification, those with crap jobs are stuck with crap jobs…

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