Virgin Mobile 'Irresistible' Free Flight Offer Is Not Very Good Value

Last week, Virgin Mobile launched an unusual phone plan: the Irresistible, which includes a free overseas flight. It's an interesting twist, but does it actually make financial sense? Alex over at Fat Duck crunched the numbers, and worked out you could buy a phone outright, book your own flight and use a prepaid plan to get the same effect for around $1000 less.

That observation is true of most contract plans, and reminds us of the most important rule of all when selecting phones: analyse your existing phone usage and your budget carefully. Buying on contract can help with cashflow if you really can't afford a phone outright, but don't be fooled by condition-laden distractions. Hit the post for the full analysis.

Are Virgin Mobile's Irresistible Plans Good Value? [Fat Duck Tech]


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