Use MacBook Charging Adaptors With Other Chargers

Use MacBook Charging Adapters with Tons of Other Chargers

Long-term Mac fans may well have a few of those MacBook "duckhead" charger adaptors lying around. Redditor patrik_niko discovered that these adaptors can actually plug into lots of different devices, allowing you to reduce the number of cables you have lying around.

Many AC bricks have two-pronged holes in them that fit perfectly with the duckhead adaptor. Just grab a spare one and see if your camera charger or other device snaps onto it! It's particularly useful for bricks that aren't very heavy.

Got those small MacBook charger connectors lying around? [Reddit]


    The converse applies as well. I've used cords with the duckhead plug so that my charger had a bit more reach to it.

    I've been doing that since before the iPhone. You can do this with the international adapters that Apple also sell.

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