Clean Your Razor With An Old Toothbrush

We've been told that we should replace our toothbrushes every three months. Seems like a bit of a waste though, right? Instead of tossing them out, put them to good use as a cleaner for your razor.

Most electric razors come with a tiny, easily lost brush that you can use to dust hairs out. Disposable razors don't come with one at all. In either case, having a toothbrush around can give you a more heavy-duty option to keep your blades clean, which will extend the life of your razor.

Just be sure to clean your old toothbrush thoroughly, because bacteria can build up on the frayed bristles.

LPT: Use a toothbrush to clean between your razor blades. [Reddit]


    Cutthroat Razors, quite litterally one of the best investments I've ever made, paid itself off very quickly.

    Takes a little more time to setup, takes a little more time to shave. Better hair regrowth (takes a little longer, comes out a little more uniform), some of the closest shaves of my life and increased manliness exponentially.

    Asides aside, another good trick is to blow dry your razor after cleaning it. Water messes with the blade in strange and mysterious ways.

    Ok, I give him some points for using a Merkur Futur (it's not Future) razor. I was expecting him to be cleaning a cartridge razor. But then I have to take those points away, and then some, when he both cleans the razor with shaving soap and cleans the blade itself! For starters, you are trying to get rid of the soap scum from the razor - why would you put it back on? Secondly, leave the blade alone. You change them once a week anyway, you don't need to clean and dry them. Just rinse in hot water and leave them to air dry somewhere safe.

    Yes they offer a great shave at the expense of a little time and yes the manliness increase is palpable BUT .... the learning curve is steep and the maintenance isn't easy. You either learn to hone in which case you can substantial more cost and time, or you try and find a rare expert to hone for you (and unless they are local you are paying postage plus the cost of the honing).
    The best gain for time and money is the DE razor such as in the vid. Using a toothbrush to clean the razor head is good idea however it is needed once every six months at best, Using one to clean the blades is completely pointless.

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