Use A Remote To Improve Your Presentations

Many of us have to give presentations from time to time. And we've all suffered through boring presentations. While there are lots of techniques we can employ to make our slides more interesting work on our public speaking, one simple tool we can employ is a presentation remote control.

There are dozens of different presenter remotes on the market. A recent round-up at Presentation Zen describes a couple of remotes that are out there. But why bother with one at all? After all, you can simply press a button on your computer and the next slide or transition happens.

But a presentation remote helps you achieve one of the keys of a successful presentation – building rapport with your audience. Many presentation spaces are set up with a table or lectern at the front of the room that creates a barrier between the presenter and audience. A remote lets the presenter get out from behind that wall and breaks the bungee cord that drags the presenter back to the computer.


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