Blend Hot Soups And Sauces With A Tea Towel To Avoid Disaster

A blender is the obvious place to smooth out sauces and soups, but if you try that with hot liquids you can end up with an unseemly mess everywhere when the pressure from the steam builds. The secret? Fill less than halfway, remove your blender lid's centre insert, hold a tea towel over the top, and then blend. No explosions.

If you've never used a blender for anything more than a smoothie, you may not know how useful it can be to get that smooth and creamy texture for soups and sauces, and you may not know how dangerous it can be if overfilled or with the insert left in, since the steam will have no way to escape. The video above from America's Test Kitchen explains why it's important to only fill about halfway, and how to avoid getting hot soup all over your kitchen — or worse, your hands or face.

How to Avoid a Blender Blunder Involving Hot Soup [America's Test Kitchen]


    Use an immersion blender (aka a stick blender)

      This, its what restaurants use, and you can get them for under $50

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