The Voice-Controlled Android Home Screen

Most of our featured home screens show off great-looking interfaces. Today's home screen is quite the opposite: the entire interface takes place via voice commands.

Inspired by the Moto X, My Color Screen user artikle built the interface using Tasker. There's a full tutorial coming, but we've shown before how you can control your phone with just your voice, and even extend the capability to home automation.

If you want to attempt a set up like the one shown in the video above (and don't want to wait on the tutorial), here are the tools that we know are used or can be used to create a similar setup or perform complex voice actions:

Of course, keep in mind that the always-on listening mode that the Moto X has (and that this set up is emulating) is said to destroy battery life without that extra core built into the phone. However, if your device sits on your desk most of the time, it could be a great feature to have.

Intellus Maximus [My Color Screen]


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