Sony Announces PlayStation 4 Australian Release Date, Discounts PS3 And Vita

Sony Announces PlayStation 4 Australian Release Date, Discounts PS3 And Vita

Sony has revealed when its hotly anticipated next-gen video game console will be hitting shelves in Australia. In addition, the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita are set to receive price drops next month. Something to fill the gap?

The date has finally been set: from 29th November 2013, Australians and New Zealanders will be able to get their hands on the PlayStation 4 which will retail for $550 (NZ$649). That’s the same date as Europe and all other ‘tier one’ territories, with the exception of the US which is getting in early on November 15.

From 2nd September 2013, the recommended retail price for the PS Vita 3G model will be reduced to $269.95, while the PlayStation 3 12GB model will fall to $269.95. That’s a price drop of $80 and $30, respectively.

To be honest, these aren’t exactly stellar savings — traditionally, official announcements about console discounts tend to be in the region of $100. Nevertheless, if you’re still trailing a generation behind (or need to replace your ailing PS3), we suppose it’s better than nothing.

The PlayStation 4 will come equipped with an eight-core x86 processor, an AMD Radeon GPU and 8GB of high-speed memory, which puts it on par with a modern high-end gaming PC. The PS4′s engine will allow for far more complex graphical routines and textures, which translates to more realistic character models and game worlds.

From what we’ve seen, the difference to human skin texture and eye details will be especially game-changing — characters will be a lot more believable which can only enhance immersion and storytelling.

You can read our first impressions of the PlayStation 4 via our launch postmortem.

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  • I wish I had the time to play. Working full time and not being a night owl are definitely not working in my favour.

      • I hate growing up. My partner an I just bought a house and now I don’t even have time to play my usual 20 minutes on a Saturday morning. And I finally got my network and tv system the way I want it.

        • Awesome, I have plans to buy one. Although I will need to relearn how to tank and PvP on a gamepad instead of a keyboard thingy.

          I just hope my current game – FFXIV ARR – will work on it.

          In my 50s, Married for 25 years, House is almost paid off, Lots of spare time in an easy and rewarding job… Bah, you young kids of today, casuals, wanting life nerfed to easy mode.

  • switch from 5 week work days to 3 days including sat and sun. 2 days less work for almost the same pay!

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