Six Ways To Keep Your IT Career Secure

Six Ways To Keep Your IT Career Secure

Working in IT can often seem challenging, but the right strategies can ensure you stay employed despite changing trends and fashions in IT. Check out these helpful tips and download the full guide for free.

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1. Keep an eye on those around you

It may sound brutal but when the 5 per cent layoff tranche comes through, your colleagues are your competitors. Just make sure you are doing more to add value back to the business (and to be seen to add value back to the business) than most of them are. Make sure you are not running right at the back of the pack.

2.Recognise your own value

See yourself as the company sees you: as a productive unit. Your salary must be justified by the value you return, as perceived by the employer. If your value does not increase, then your salary will not either. Understand how that value is measured: not in technical genius but in results, productivity, versatility, and keeping up with change.

3. Have an exit plan

Make sure your CV looks attractive and your skills are adequate now, before the crunch comes. Being laid off is a traumatic experience. You will cope many times better if you already have a plan and are at least part of the way along the path to being prepared.


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