Scan Objects First To Make Wall Mounting Them Easy

Scan Items to Make Wall Mounting Them a Cinch

If you're mounting a power board or other small item to the wall, a quick scan and printout of the drill holes might save your sanity.

As Apartment Therapy points out, the printout makes drilling quick and easy. No more awkwardly trying to line up the mounting holes with the screws: Just tape the printout to the wall and drill through the template. Brilliant!

(An alternative, if you don't have a scanner or it's not big enough, is to use a piece of paper to mark the drill holes and then use that as the template.)

Smart & Simple Tip: How To Use a Scanner to Make Wall Mounting Quick and Easy [Apartment Therapy]


    Better be sure your scanner isn't scanning at full A4 and your printer printing it smaller with the white borders, or your holes will be too close together.

    You'd want to be sure that the scan didn't resize the image. Better to do a straight copy if possible.

    What an excellent idea! As pointed out though - hold your printout against the real thing just to make sure. Measure twice, cut once.

    Is this just using technology for its own sake?

    Make a rubbing with a scrap of paper and a pencil; hold it up to light, mark the holes on the other side, hold pencil side to wall and rub your marks so it transfers a little of the pencil lead to the wall.

    All this in the time it takes to load your scanner software.

      scanner software???

      open lid
      place object
      press copy

    Umm...didn't you guys do this story already a few weeks ago?

      That ones actually dated from 2012 - but the point still stands.

    Or just poke a hole in the piece of paper by sticking something through the paper into the drill holes.

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