Save Empty Butter Wrappers For Easy Pan Greasing

Save Empty Butter Wrappers For Easy Pan Greasing

The next time you finish a packet of butter, toss the wrapper in a plastic bag in the fridge; it could come in handy next time you cook dinner.

Photo by Tobik (Shutterstock).

One Good Thing By Jillee reader Kristin M keeps the wrappers around to grease pots and pans. The wrapper won't have much butter left on it, but it should provide a nice, even coating to the pan at least a time or two. It sure beats waiting for a pat of butter to melt and trying to spread it around a hot pan.

10 Good Things By You! [One Good Thing By Jillee]


    I don't think I even know anybody who still uses real butter O_o

      The only real, as in pure, butter comes from New Zealand.
      The local stuff has that canola crap in it.

      Me. Margarine... disgusting.

        Have you tried rice bran margarine? I actually prefer it to real butter.

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