Reduce Snoring With A Song

Exercise your mouth and vocal chords to keep them from misbehaving at night.

We've published a set of ways to reduce snoring before, but here's a new one: start singing.

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Alise Ojay has been researching the link between singing and snoring for over ten years, and she's developed a set of exercises to reduce snoring. Earlier this year her exercises were put to the test at a teaching hospital in Exeter, in the UK.

The results? Reduced snoring, and less daytime sleepiness for the sufferers. "Clinically proven," as they say in the ads.

Singing helps because it can improve the tone and strength of pharyngeal muscles, which not only control your voice when you sing, but also affect how frequently you snore.

Of course, you may find that housemates or family find the singing more annoying than the snoring.

You can find the exercises at Singing for Snorers.


    Another remedy that has been tested is learning to play the didgeridoo, that may irritate the housemates too. see clip

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