Plex Streams Your Media Anywhere, Is On Sale

Plex is one of our favourite media centre packages, particularly for its ability to stream movies and TV to any device no matter where you are. Today, its iOS and Android apps are on sale.

The iOS version is on offer for $1.99, down from $5.49, while the Android release is $2.20, down from $5.20.

If you haven't given Plex a shot yet, now's a good time, since the app is heavily discounted. Hit the links below to download the app, and don't forget to download the free media server app for seamless streaming.

Plex [iTunes App Store via Apps-aholic]

Plex [Google Play]


    I would have bought this ages ago except I cant get my Plex server to login to My Plex (running on a ReadyNas Ultra 2)

    I have a plex server set up on its own computer running all the time with my media on external HDD's, I have port forwarding activated so I can watch my media from my partners house, but when I am there is loads so slow it's unwatchable. Someone told me the slow upload speed in Australia prevents us from being able to use the remote viewing feature? Is this true or am I doing something wrong?

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