Outlook.com Adding Skype Integration, But Not For Australia (Yet)

We've been promised Skype integration into Microsoft's Outlook.com webmail platform since December last year. Today, the feature finally fully rolled out for six countries, but unfortunately Australia isn't one of them.

The ability to make Skype voice or video calls has been added to Outlook.com for customers in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany and Brazil. For everyone else? "For those of you outside those countries, we're still working hard to ensure this is available worldwide in the near future," Microsoft said.

Having suffered a protracted Outlook.com outage last week, I can see the logic in not going global immediately, though we're not talking small population sizes in those countries. Anyway, here's hoping we're in the next batch.

Building Skype into its platforms is a task Microsoft has been attacking with renewed energy this year, having dallied somewhat since purchasing Skype back in 2011. Skype will be built into Windows 8.1 and is being integrated with Lync.

Skype is now available for all Outlook.com customers in North America [Outlook Blog]


    Is this something that unblock.us would solve, or is it based on the area code you've given to Skype and/or Outlook, etc?

      Probably based on when you initially created your account - it would have allocated your account to the server cluster serving the Oceanic region.
      Accessing it through a vpn might just cause security flags to be raised, as it has not seen you access them from that region before.

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