Open Mic+ Brings The Moto X’s Touchless Control To Any Android Phone

Open Mic+ Brings The Moto X’s Touchless Control To Any Android Phone

Android (4.1+): If you’ve seen the new Moto X and wish you could get Touchless Control for your phone, Open Mic+ can bring it to you. The app lets you set a voice phrase that it will listen for, integrates with Google Now for voice searches, and even integrates with Tasker for more advanced actions.

Open Mic+ is fairly straightforward. The default key phrase is “OK Google”, after which the app will launch, hand you off to Google Now, and tell it to listen for your next command. It works pretty well, and almost as seamlessly as the touchless control built-in to the new Moto X.

If you’re worried about battery life, you can toggle the app on or off as you see fit, but the app runs quietly in the background by default so it’s always available. It uses offline voice recognition, so you don’t need internet access to use it. If you’re a Taker fan, you can integrate the app with Tasker actions, so you can use different voice commands to execute Tasker actions.

The app is available now, completely free and ad-free. It’s new and under development, so expect changes along the way, but it works like a charm. Hit the link below to grab it. If you’re looking for more ways to get the Moto X’s features on your current phone we have some more tweaks for you here.

Open Mic+ (free) [Google Play via Droid Life]