New Site Turns Your Old LEGO Bricks Into New Creations

Rebrickable is a new website that provides instructions on how to reuse your existing LEGO sets to build other LEGO sets or 'MOC' fan creations. In other words, you could potentially build a brand new LEGO set without spending a cent.

"LEGO fans can use my website to find out what official sets and fan-made creations they can build by reusing the parts they already have lying around," Rebrickable's creator Nathan Thom explained to Lifehacker.

"Parents can save a lot of money on buying new parts by reusing old parts; after all that's why I built the website. My site has building instructions for everything on there and is very easy to use."

Rebrickable's main claim to fame is its Build section which lets you enter up to six of your LEGO set IDs. You can then peruse building instructions for other sets that have corresponding pieces. You can also refine your search in terms of brick colour, with a choice of exact matches, close matches or any colour.

There are a total of 9511 sets in the Rebrickable database (including 569 fan creations) comprising 1,664036 parts. All bricks come with accompanying photos and stats such as available colours and the existing sets they feature in.

Personally, we think this is a fabulous idea: it lets you turn that bucket of old, ignored LEGO bricks into a fun weekend project for the whole family. Click here to check out the website for yourself.


    Starting from nothing, what do I need to build the Lego Antikythera mechanism?

    That's not Lego

      That's what I thought when I first saw the image, but then opened the site and forgot all about it. Having recently reintroduced myself to Lego, I thought about tearing all my owned sets apart and getting creative making my own things. But realistically, I'm not that creative. Now I can just make other sets! :D

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