Need An IT Pro Job? Skill Up On Stuff Starting With S

We're always curious to hear from recruiters about areas of current demand for IT pros. An announcement earlier this week from Experis had an unusual feature: many of the technologies employers want experience with started with S.

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According to the firm's analysis of demand for IT specialists in the first half of this year, SAP, Sharepoint and Sitecore developers are all in high demand. Many of the other skills identified by the firm are more familiar (cloud and mobility score highly). One useful nugget: 45 per cent of employers are still having trouble filling those roles. Polish those resumes!


    When I think of Sharepoint it brings to mind another IT word starting with 'Sh'.

      doesn't matter if it is, people are paying for sharepoint developers anyway

        They sure are, and I'll got on record as saying that what those developers end up doing to sharepoint is that other sh word.

    Yeah right, as if there's any hot women in any IT company
    Keep dreaming lifehacker!

    Companies that are advertising for Sharepoint jobs are having problems filling the positions.
    Incidentally, so are companies advertising for Lotus Notes and Novell NetWare positions.

    So bone up on your skills.

    Just one word of warning: You will end up being employed at a company that runs Sharepoint, Novell NetWare or Lotus Notes.

    Tip of the iceberg... beware the company you keep. That's all I'm sayin'.

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