Mynd Makes Sure You’re On-Time And Ready For Anything On Your Calendar

iOS: Most calendars simpy show you upcoming appointments. Mynd gives you a complete picture of your day, alerts you when you should leave for an appointment, shows you who will be there and how to get in touch with them, and can even pull in Evernote notes for the meeting and dial into conference calls for you.

The video above does a good job of walking through Mynd’s biggest features. We’re seeing more apps go out of their way to get traffic and travel information for your meetings and appointments so you’re never late getting there, but Mynd takes this idea a step further. It will alert you so you’re never late, and also puts transit time on your calendar so you don’t book over when you should be driving or on the train. Similarly, it shows you who you will be in that meeting with and pulls up their LinkedIn profile or contact card on your phone so you can call, email or text them to let them know you’re on your way.

Mynd also learns your favourite locations, such as home and work, and can also learn new locations by keyword. Enter “Gym” enough times and Mynd will figure out where the Gym is based on previous appointments; after that you’ll never need to enter the address again. The app can also dial into conference calls for you, enter conference codes right from your calendar, and show you any Evernote notes, clippings or documents you need for any meeting you have on your calendar. Even when you’re not using it, Mynd’s “dashboard” shows you upcoming appointments, people to get in touch with, weather, upcoming events and locations in one nicely tiled view.

Hit the link below to learn more about the app or to give it a try. It’s free in the iTunes App Store.

Mynd (Free) [iTunes App Store via Mynd]


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