Move A Wadrobe Full Of Clothes With A Single Garbage Bag

Move a Closet Full of Clothes With a Single Trash Bag

Whether you're moving across town or across the country, clothes are a huge pain to pack and unpack. If you want to avoid wrinkles and lost hangers, it's easy with a large garbage bag.

I used this trick during my last move, and it saved me a lot of time. Just get the largest garbage bag you can find, fill it with clothes from the wardrobe, then seal up the top so the hangers don't fall in. Once you get the bundle to your new home, you should be able to hang the entire collection at once in your new wardrobe.

It's not quite as elegant as hanging them inside a box, but it's a whole lot easier.

15 Life Hacks for Your Next Big Move [WonderHowTo]


    Here's my method.

    Take a belt, a strong one like leather or thick nylon. Those belts that

    Flip around some of the clothes hangers so the hooks are all facing the same direction.

    Wrap the belt around 30+ items of clothing at once, sling it over your shoulder, you're off to town!

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