From The Tips Box: Morning Distractions, Tea Bags

Lifehacker readers offer their best tips for getting your workspace ready for work and avoiding mishaps with your afternoon tea.

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Prepare Your Workspace for Work the Night Before

Morning Distractions, Easy-Access Outlets, and Tea Bags

Etudes shares a handy tip for avoiding morning distractions:

Often, getting started on something is the hardest part, especially if you're at a loss for motivation. I've begun setting up my computer every night before bed with the exact programs and window configuration open to work on a given project. It has helped me jump right into the project I'm currently working on without any distractions or "I'll first do this really quick" scenarios, which usually turns into a lot of wasted time. I wake up, my computer tells me to get to work, and it's all ready for me.

Photo by Jeff Martin.

Avoid Drowned Tea Bags with the Weight of Your Mug

Morning Distractions, Easy-Access Outlets, and Tea Bags

Thomas Chadwick shares a tiny tip for tea drinkers:

When making a cup of tea, before you pour the hot water in, tuck the tag under the bottom of the mug. This saves you from having to fish a soggy tea tag out of the mug if it gets yanked in when you pour the water.


    What if you have a hot water tap in the office?

    I loop it around the handle.

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