Microsoft Employees Are Wolfing Down Coke Zero And Pizza

When Microsoft launched its new By The Numbers site, the main aim was clearly to promote the number of people using its core services and software. But we're more immediately struck by the fact that Microsoft campuses consume 1 million cans of Coke Zero a year, along with 554,000 slices of pizza and 250,000 personal-sized pizzas.

Pizza and cola are IT pro cliches, but those numbers suggest they aren't entirely wide of the mark. In total, Microsoft staff power through 9.8 million litres of soft drink each year. I just hope the people drinking full-strength Coke aren't also eating all the pizzas.

Microsoft By The Numbers [via Official Microsoft Blog]


    I wonder if they actually count just the sugared/fake-sugared canned items, or if that's a total of all canned items. When I was there, building 43 (Windows Server) went through cans of unsweetened flavoured Talking Rain water by the cart-load.

    Unhealthy people, unhealthy results.

    Microsoft might be in for a class action lawsuit of only providing unhealthy food and drinks in the near future.

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