Make Two-Ingredient Pizza Dough For A Fresh Pizza When You Want It

Make Two-Ingredient Pizza Dough for a Fresh Pie When You Want It

We love two-ingredient recipes, because you can make awesome food quick and easily. This incredibly simple pizza dough recipe only requires self-rising flour and greek yoghurt for a fresh pie in minutes.

You just combine one cup of the flour with one cup of greek yoghurt, knead the dough for 5-8 minutes, and you're set. Immediately after that, you can add your sauce, cheese and toppings for a pizza you can bake fresh in the oven. Not a bad deal when you want to make a great pizza yourself.

2-ingredient pizza dough recipe [Kidspot Kitchen via Buzzfeed]


    I prefer the beer pizza base myself - it's also two ingredients:
    - One bottle/can of beer (375ml) and 4 cups of S/R flour = 3 pizza bases
    Add whatever herbs you like to the dough - I love adding Cajun spices myself.. or cinnamon if you are making a desert base.

    Please change the headline. It grates. Pizza and pie are discrete foodstuffs.

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