Make A No-Kill Spider Catching Device

MAKE Magazine recently published its top 10 videos of all time, and this was one we were surprised to have not seen before. DIY legend Kip Kay walks us through the process of creating a suction device that will catch a spider without killing it, so you can release it outside where it will do you more good.

Whether you're anti-killing or just want to keep these beneficial predators around, it's a handy little device. Check out the video above to see it in action, and hit the link below for a list of MAKE's other awesome DIY videos.

10 Most Popular MAKE Videos of all Time [MAKE via Boing Boing]


    Useless in Australia.

      True, they'll likely use their mind powers to send the device flying into the wall and smash it to a billion pieces. Australia, where humans aren't at the top of the food chain.

        Australia: Where the spiders are bigger than people

          Australia: Where the spiders are so big they have health bars.

            I dunno. I reckon our "huge spider" reputation is somewhat misplaced. We basically have the huntsman and that's it. Meanwhile, there are spiders in South America that are the same size as a dinner plate.

              I once saw an australian spider, I thought I was still playing skyrim. Haven't been outside unarmed since.

              But in all honesty you probably couldn't even fit a huntsman in one of these anyway.

              Reckon this would work on a huntsman? I'm not so sure...

    Just kill the suckers. There's already way too many…

    I use an old take away container and slide a bit of thin cardboard underneath. Then I throw the spider over the fence into next door's. :-)

    That pissy little spider wasn't really worth the effort of making that thing just to move it outside. May as well just leave it where it was. Now, I would love to see him try that with a large huntsman spider. D: That would be amusing. I'm sure he'd change his tune about sparing spiders once faced with one of those. *shudder*

    On a similar note, the name "spider rifle" is misleading. If you're naming something "spider rifle", then it sure as hell had better be something that shoots numerous spiders at people. Imagine if the police were armed with such things? There'd be a lot less crime, or just more amusing arrest footage.

      "If you're naming something "spider rifle", then it sure as hell had better be something that shoots numerous spiders at people."

      Agreed. This is the device that helps you collect your ammo.

    if you need to make this to get rid of spiders that small, id be checking to see if you have any balls first.

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