Lifehacker Maps: Free Australian CBD Shuttles

Lifehacker Maps: Free Australian CBD Shuttles

If you need to get around the centre of one of Australia’s capitals, in many cases you can do so for free. We’ve rounded up all the free city shuttle services we could find and put them an interactive map.

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It has been a couple of years since Lifehacker last covered these services, and there have been some major changes. In particular, many Sydney services have been axed as a cost-cutting measure. As well as updating our listings, we’ve gone for a map-based approach this time around.

For each service, we’ve listed the basic hours of operation, and included a link to the official site where you can find further details on the routes covered, the frequency of operation and any other special conditions. You can also search for specific city names. Note that Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane all have multiple CBD options, so you may need to zoom in to see all of them.

The operating hours for most of these services tend to fall outside of peak travel hours, though there are exceptions (see Perth, Adelaide and Wollongong, for example). You would have to live very close to the CBD to use these options to travel to work for free every day, but they’re handy options for visitors in city centres.

Know a free option we’ve missed? Tell us in the comments. (Note we’re concentrating on free rather than money-saving options here, so we’re not after stuff like buying weekly tickets after 3pm in Sydney to score an extra day; that’s useful to know for locals, but not our focus right now.)


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