Juicehacker Day 2: And This Is Just The Prep!

Juicehacker Day 2: And This Is Just The Prep!

Hello, I’m Mark Serrels and for the next week I’m going on a juice fast. I’m on my second day, but the preparation started much earlier . . .

It was the Monday before last and I decided to ‘prepare’ for my juice fast. I didn’t want to jump in head first, I wanted to prepare.

I wanted to prepare for a couple of reasons: I was on antibiotics for a random sinus infection, I didn’t want to rush into things. I wanted to feel ready. In 2012 I did my Uberman Sleep Experiment and failed. Completely underprepared. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, etc.

Preparation for a juice diet is relatively simple on paper: ‘transition’ off meat and dairy; eliminate caffeine. Nothing too strict. The idea is to warn your body for the inevitable shock.

But of course, I had to take it to extremes.

In my preparation week I rigidly applied the following rules:

  • No caffeine
  • No meat
  • No dairy
  • No chocolate
  • No sugar
  • Minimal carbs

As a meat loving, chocolate ingesting, caffeine addict it was, to put it bluntly, a living hell.

Fast forward: Friday, five days into my prep week, I wrote the following notes on my iPhone…

Notes about diet

Feel cranky
Have actually put on weight
Having weird existential crises for some reason

I had just had an argument with my wife over something so outrageously banal I can’t actually remember what it was, only that it was stupid and I, without question, was completely at fault.

Despite eating nothing but vegetables, fruit and (some) bread for almost a week (in reasonable portions) I had actually put on a small amount of weight. I felt terrible. Exhausted. Weak. Angry. Frustrated.

In the most literal terms possible I wasn’t ‘myself’. I was asking myself strange questions, beyond the diet, beyond food. Why am I writing? What am I doing with my life? Physically and mentally I was down.

Then, on the Sunday, I went to a christening. After the christening there was a lunch. At that lunch there was a BBQ. At that BBQ there were steaks, sausages, succulent chicken. There were cupcakes, chocolate, lollies. I stood starving, at breaking point. I felt numb. I wanted to eat meat so bad. I craved it. I craved chocolate, I craved caffeine. I craved everything I had scratched off the list and it was painful to constantly and consistently say no to things that felt good to eat.

Then, a contrast so polar it shocked me. Completely beyond reason.

When it came time to transition to juice, it was almost too easy.

Day one of my juice diet: I feel fine. I feel surprisingly good. What is this feeling? I feel comfortable in my own skin.

This can’t be right . . .

Every single thing I ever read about Juice diets prepared me for pain, for extreme difficulty. ‘The first couple of days are always the worst’ the articles said. Why, then, did I feel so good? And why did I feel so bad the week before?

Could it be that I was underprepared enough for my prep week?

Could it be that I was overprepared for my juice week.

I have a theory: all the toxins I was supposed to be excreting during the beginning of my juice fast? By eating a largely vegan diet in the first week, it’s entirely possible I had already excreted them. All the pain and struggle I went through before must have been a side effect of that. It’s possible.

Yesterday: the night of day one. I sat in my apartment completely buzzing. I could literally feel the energy blazing through my capillaries. My feet tapped, my brain felt rapid. Almost too rapid. Probably all the sugar.

But these were feelings I was supposed to be having on day three, day four. Only I was having them right then, at the beginning. Surely this is a good thing, I thought. But internally I was already preparing my body for some inevitable crash.

I fell asleep. Slept well. I woke up at 6am to get ready for work. On the Sunday night, before my juice fast I weighed myself. 69.4 kgs — my normal weight, give or take. On the Monday morning I weighed myself again. 68.6. Again, normal. Weight can fluctuate up to a kg overnight.

Then today, on Tuesday morning, after one day on the juice diet, I stepped on the scales.



  • Huh. Not bad. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll hear all the juicy (yes, I deserve to be shot for that) details about what (and how much) juice you’ve been consuming to bring on such a rush… Can’t argue with the results so far!

    • My question exactly. What are they toxic to?

      And how does a short term change in diet change the way the body treats these substances?

      • A lot of questions were asked on the first post – but not a lot of seemingly research based answers heh.

        Ah well, like all pointless endeavours – just claim it’s in the name of science, write a book, start wearing scarves even in summer, even with turtle necks, especially in art galleries… and you’ll be fine!

    • What toxins indeed.

      Firstly he doesn’t have a theory he has a hypothesis. Secondly, why do people have such little faith in their kidneys and liver? Thirdly, you can’t just call something a toxin. Words have meanings people!

  • I have a theory: all the toxins I was supposed to be excreting during the beginning of my juice fast? By eating a largely vegan diet in the first week, it’s entirely possible I had already excreted them.

    Science is your friend. Juice Diets / Detox is not. Here, read this before you hurt yourself Mark http://www.skepdic.com/detox.html

    • I was just speculating. My point is: I suspect the pain and difficulties I was supposed to go through during the juice diet, I most likely went through in the first week as a result of the diet change.

      • Ok I get ya. Just need to watch out for Ketosis. It can cause lasting damage. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ketosis

        Would be interesting to see before and after blood tests. I’d be interested in total HDL, LDL cholesterol and Triglycerides. I’m willing to bet after a week of juice fasting they’ll all be off the chart.
        You may look great after the fast, but your liver will hate you. All I’m saying is be safe.

      • Your speculation contained faulty assumptions. We are merely attempting to provide you with the necessary prompts to correct those assumptions. There is nothing wrong with being wrong for by acknowledging when we are wrong we are able to correct our mistakes and become better people.

        I am constantly wrong! Every day I am wrong. I love every minute of it because every day is a day of gradual improvement.

  • I am really looking forward to hearing what you put in your juices, how much, and how often you have them. I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead last night out of curiosity because of your project!

    • Yeah I watched that DVD out of interest. I ended up being more broadly supportive of the idea (in the sense that we should not make perfect the enemy of good).

      It’s not something I’d do or suggest (at least in the first instance) but some times you just have to go with the thing that can get you to your destination even though it may not be ‘perfect’.

      • I agree. I expected to hate it and pull it apart and laugh at it. I actually thought it was okay. “Not for me” … but okay nonetheless.

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