IT Service Doesn't Suck As Much As You Think

Working on an IT helpdesk often feels like deliberately pouring a boiling cauldron of ill-will over yourself repeatedly, but apparently the end result is actually pretty good for users. A survey of customer satisfaction ranks IT consultancies as amongst the best-performing.

The data comes from customer service software provider Zendesk, and is based on 16,000 participant companies. Note that even the worst-performing industry (social media) has a 64 per cent approval rating; we're guessing the numbers would be lower in companies that don't have software in place to track customer approval.



    Ahh Zendesk, how happy I am to close your tab at the end of my working day.

    The problem with Zendesks rating system is it is very black and white. You are either allowed a "Good, Im satisfied" or "Bad, Im not satisfied" which is a really poor indication of customer satisfaction. I know, as I have now deployed Zendesk into two organisations (one just a month ago) in Australia. Now we've moved to integrating Survey Monkey into Zendesk to get better customer satisfaction ratings as Zendesk hasn't bothered to fix theirs in the last three years since I've been asking them to.

    The world isnt black and white like Zendesks rating system unfortunately and therefore renders those ratings and these benchmarks highly inaccurate on satisfaction levels.

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