Improve Your Job Interviews With Better Storytelling

Improve Your Job Interviews With Better Storytelling

Storytelling activates our brains and is an essential skill for presentations, writing and conversations — including job interviews. 99U points out the five steps or “beats” to make you a better, more interesting storyteller.

Picture: Magenta Rose/Flickr

The five beats are:

  1. The introduction: Set up the scene. In the 99U example, a job candidate looking to move into a new field could say even though his degree is in business, he’s always had a great love of illustration.
  2. The inciting incident: A pivotal challenge you faced in your career.
  3. Raising the stakes: Specific details that make the inciting incident more memorable. For example: “This can be as simple as the difference between, ‘I went to Art College in Melbourne’ versus “I went to university in Melbourne, but I opted for Art School instead of a job at GM.”
  4. The main event: The major change (even just a shift in attitude) where you solved the dilemma.
  5. The resolution: Describe what you learned or recap your “sales pitch”.

Hit up the article on 99U for more details. It’s a great lesson in storytelling, whether you’re prepping for job interviews or just want to improve your conversation skills.

The Five Beats of Successful Storytelling & How They Can Help You Land Your Next Job [99U]