iiNet Readying Jiva Unlimited ISP Brand For September Launch

Fancy paying $79 a month for unlimited broadband plus landline calls? iiNet is hoping the answer is yes, since that's the premise of its newly-announced Jiva spin-off brand.

You won't be able to buy into Jiva until September, and several are the details are scant (we're following up with iiNet and will have a more detailed comparison later today). What the press release promises is this:

For $79 per month on a 24-month plan, Jiva customers will get an ADSL2+ broadband connection, unlimited broadband data, all local and national landline calls, and a wireless modem.

That's very similar to TPG's much-promoted all-you-can-eat deal. One big difference: the Jiva plan doesn't appear to include calls to mobiles, which is a fairly major omission. Would you be tempted?


    Well i pay $89.90 (offnet Home3 Turbo) with iiNet for 100G/100G and phone line without calls included. Depending what the diff was in quality between Jiva and iiNet i might consider it, presuming they would transfer my 3 year contract as well (doubt it).

    Although NBN is meant to start construction next month in my area, and my costs will go down to that anyway for over 4x the speed (though same quota, which i don't always utilize anyway i doubt that will change much with NBN), I've been with iiNet for 11 years now, not too keen to change.

    wonder if iiNet will move to NBN and this Jiva spin-off brand will be the one that continues to do ADSL2....

    Unlimited broadband is such a sketchy term. If the quota is similar to or better than what I'm on now I could be tempted, but then again you have that two year contract. That's just nasty.

    My 300GB a month plan is still not hitting limit each month.

    What I do need though is for the NBN to hurry up and arrive. I just wish they would stop connecting up Liberal voting electorates.

    24mbit/s is *not* enough to properly work from home with when others in the household are also using the internet.

    I wonder how long they'll get away with advertising these things without disclosing the full details of what you're buying.

    This is obviously using backhaul with a much higher contention ratio, just like TPG and Dodo, in order to reduce costs and thus maintain their margins. Right now they've seemed to have stopped advertising "speeds" for ADSL2+ connections, probably because they can't tell what speed you'll ever get. It will be interesting to see how these go in an NBN world where you'll actually be purchasing different speeds. That's where knowing the contention for your ISP will become important, you 1Gbs NBN connection from Dodo might not be as fast as your 100Mbs connection from Internode.

    Watch all the heavy users go onto that plan and watch the speeds drop.....

    It doesn't tempt me because the catch is that if you use more than 3 times the average, iiNet can charge you at"standard rates" totally at its discretion, of course.

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