How Much Does A Pepsi Bath Cost? [Video]

A man in the US has attempted to "fizz the grime away" by taking a dip in over 300 cans of Pepsi. For reasons that deeply disturb me, I felt compelled to work out how much this carbonated bath would actually cost — possibly so I can replicate it for a future Lifehacker article.

We're not sure what compelled this guy to fill his bath with Pepsi and then dive into the sticky murk, but he certainly seems to be enjoying the experience. According to the man's YouTube page, the makeshift bath required 312 cans of Pespi. So what's the minimum amount you'd be paying for a stunt like this?

At 375ml per can, we can calculate that the total volume used equates to 117 litres. While the original stunt used aluminium cans, the most cost-effective method is actually 2L bottles — you can currently snap these up from Woolworth's for $2 each, which works out at $1 per litre.

In other words, you're going to need around 59 bottles which will set you back $117. That said, supermarkets regularly offer 2-for-1 deals with their soft drink range so you might be able to cut the total price down further.

I've watched the video twice now and for some reason I feel compelled to try it out: that calming hubbub of background fizz really speaks to me. Now to convince our expense department that 117 litres of Pepsi/LA Ice/RC Cola is a sound investment. Wish me luck!


    How does this get the tag "saving money"

    And this article marks the point in time that I delete lifehacker from my RSS feeds.

      Because there's nothing worse than a bit of flippant fun on a Friday afternoon. Tch.

        Dont worry Chris, some people have no real notion of 'having fun'. they are the ones that like to see the world burn.

    Aren't US cans 355mL (12 US fluid ounces)? That would make the bath about 5% cheaper than you calculated.

    Hmmm, i am sure that caffeine can be adsorbed thought osmosis.... might be one hell of a hang over / wake up call

    If you do a future Lifehacker article on this, I would hope that you use a cheeseburger as soap, a whoppa as a loufa, and sweet-and-sour nugget sauce as shampoo/conditioner.

    ... Brb, need to spend money.

    I think the answer to your headline question depends on what you think "dignity" is worth?

    Could be interesting in a spa!

    Mmm.... Would it be better in Pepsi or warm coffee??

    Cool article. Crazy things like this are awesome.

    The cheapest Pepsi I've seen is $1.75 for 2 Litres (87.5c per Litre) at The Reject Shop. The aforementioned 59 bottles would cost you $103.25.

    Although, I don't think any Reject Shop (or any other supermarket or store, for that matter) would have enough 2L Pepsis in stock, nor allow you to buy such a large quantity. If you needed that much, you'd have to shop at a Costco or Campbell's Cash & Carry?

    Pure gold lifehacker!

    Not exactly good for the plumbing or local waterways.

    Surely there'd have to be some kind of comparative analysis to see if pepsi is the best bathing drink. Set up a test with 5 people at relatively similar levels of grime, one goes in a bath of pepsi, one in a bath of coke, one in a bath of lemonade, one in a bath of fanta and one in a bath of soda water.

    It might get expensive but it's worth it for science!

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