How Do You Make Your Morning Alarm Not Suck?

How Do You Make Your Morning Alarm Not Suck?

Nobody really likes waking up in the morning, but most of us still have to do it. So, we want to know: how do you make your alarm not suck in the morning?

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By their nature, alarms are jarring, but that doesn't mean we all need a kick in the pants just to get up in the morning. Do you have a special sound you like in the morning? Or something completely different? We made some suggestions to solve this problem over the weekend, but we'd still love to know: how do you make your alarm functional but not horrifying? Tell us in the comments.


    I use the Android smart alarm. It's simple, effective and pleasant to wake up to.

    I use the CARROT alarm. It rewards me for getting up on time, and plays a somewhat pleasant tune. I have to finish tasks in order to turn off the alarm. (Flip the device upside down, pinch the screen etc.)

    If I don't get out in time it tortures me with crappy dubstep until I get up.

    Each time you turn off the alarm and get up you get EXP, which adds towards unlockable features.

    It's really good, and actually wakes me up, I could put my radio alarm as loud as I want, but I would sleep straight through it.

    on an apple computer, u can set the itunes to play an upbeat song, at a certain time. i.e. wake up time. icalendar, i think it is.

    u can set several songs, if it takes longer to wake up, Also put some tasty food next to the alarm clock.

    I use Ride of the Valkyries as my alarm music. Everything you do is made epic when Ride of the Valkyries plays.

    Philips wake-up light set to ABC Classic FM.

    I have heavy metal play really loud. So when I wake up I have so much adrenalin running through me I can't go back to sleep

    Personally I like a spot of death metal, something arse kicking as the first thing you hear in the day is great. Scares the shit out of you but then energises you with heavy awesomeness

    I use Donovon - Colors:

    Anyone who has seen The Rules of Attraction will appreciate it even more.

    Sleep cycle. Wakes you up when you'll feel best (and not in the middle of a dream), and has pleasant tones.

    Phillips Wake-up lamp to light up my bedroom, and TuneIn Radio App for iPhone or Android (for my Samsung Galaxy Note 8) to listen to breakfast radio. :)

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