Hack A High-End Graphics Card Into A Macbook Air

The Macbook Air isn't generally thought of as a gaming computer. That didn't stop Tech Inferno forum member kloper from hacking together a system to play high-end games on a decent graphics card using the Air.

The process uses the Macbook Air's Thunderbolt cable to handle the rendering, then runs through a bunch of other cards, and finally hits the video card. It's a complicated process, but the fact that the whole setup is removable means that your Macbook Air remains as portable as ever. Head over to Tech Inferno for kloper's full guide.

2013 11" Macbook Air + Win7 + Sonnet Echo ExpressCard + PE4L + Internal LCD [Tech Inferno via MacRumors]


    Kinda like supercharging a Prius

    So- the Macbook Air is just a fancy keyboard ? All the grunt work is done by the man behind the curtain?
    That's like saying my mobile phone can store terabytes of storage - with a Cloud connection. The phone, without the towers / phone exchange / data centre, looks deceptively small...

    Er... I'm not a mac guy so I could be wrong..

    But in this case he's basically just using an external graphics card using thunderbolt as the interconnect.

    Thunderbolt is basically a direct PCIE throughput, so in reality - it's not really a hack at all.. And will infact more than likely see many Thunderbolt connected graphics cards come to market once it matures slightly..

    .. Such as:

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