Google Now Adds New Cards For Commuting And Reminders

Google Now Adds New Cards For Commuting And Reminders

Android: Google Now is our favourite virtual assistant for Android, and now it’s even better. Google unveiled several new cards, including one that shows you the last bus or train on your commute, and another that notifies your loved ones when you’re on the way home.

The Car Rental card is designed for people who travel and don’t want to fumble for paper or an email looking for a rental reservation number. The new card will just show you your rental information as soon as you arrive at your destination. The updated transit cards will show you when the last bus or train leaves your location for home.

Speaking of concerts, the new Concert card displays your ticket information as soon as you get to the venue, so if they accept digital tickets, yours will be right on-screen when you arrive. Plus, you’ll know where your seats are and be able to get there quickly. When you leave, the new commute sharing card will notify your friends or loved ones that you’re on the way home so they know when you’ll get back.

The Search card has been updated with reminders, so if you’re looking for a musician or an actor, you can tap “remind me” to be notified when they’re in a new movie, release a new album or otherwise make the news.

Some of these new features will only be available in certain regions. Hit the links below to read about all the updates or to grab the latest version from Google Play, and pipe up in the comments with your thoughts on what new cards (if any) you’re finding useful.

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