Google+ Has An Upgraded API For Google Apps Integration

Google+ Has An Upgraded API For Google Apps Integration

Google+ is the red-headed stepchild of social networking, but like any good parent, Google keeps plugging away. Along with the upgrades to the Google+ Android client we reported on earlier, Google has also opened up the Google+ API, which enables integration of Google+ with Google Apps environments and with other third-party apps.

The API was made available in a limited beta back in May, but is now more broadly available. In theory, it would enable other back-end systems to tie into Google+, so you could (for example) add everyone within a given Active Directory group into an associated Google+ circle. That said, it’s much easier to imagine a Google Apps user wanting that option than users of other enterprise software. Hit Google’s announcement post for more details and links to documentation.

Connect your organization to Google+ using the Google+ Domains API [Google Apps Developers blog]


  • Nah, Google+ is just the middle child who was born the wrong gender, and is overshadowed by the bratty, but first-born older brother, Facebook.

    Stopped posting to my Facebook account long ago, and have never looked back.

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