Gmail's 'New' Compose Window Will Soon Be Compulsory For Everyone

When Gmail introduced its new and minimal compose window in October last year, you had the option to revert to the old version if you preferred it. That option will shortly disappear.

The Gmail team confirmed in a Google+ posting that the new Compose option is now set to become a default. One major factor in that decision: the recent introduction of a full-screen option, which was one of the most often-heard complaints about the new approach. The ability to launch in a new tab via a keyboard shortcut also helps.

I'm sure some veteran Gmail users will complain about this change, but that's inevitable whenever anything changes on a product with this many users.

The new compose rolling out to everyone [Google+ via Google Operating System]


    I hate the new Compose box. tried to get used to it. but I simply don't enjoy using it. I use Outlook 2010 all day at work and while I don't expect that same level of functionality from Google Apps/Gmail, I do expect a high standard of usability. Google lacks sorely in that area.


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