Globalgig Launches 'Jetsetter' Global Roaming Data Plans

Globalgig is now offering flat global roaming data fees starting at $19 per gigabyte, per month. The deal is currently available in ten international destinations, including the USA, UK, Hong Kong, Italy and Ireland.

Globalgig works on the principle of offering roaming to multiple countries. Its new range of Jetsetter data-only plans allows travelers to access global data roaming in 11 countries (Australia, US, UK, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and Spain) for a flat fee of $19 per gigabyte, per month.

There are also $35 and $49 plans available which up the data allowance to 3GB and 5GB, respectively. All plans are month-to-month, so you’re not tied to a long-term contract.

For an additional 20 cents per megabyte, users can also access global roaming in an additional 28 countries, including Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Switzerland and New Zealand.

The deal comes with a choice of standard/micro/nano SIM card or a WiFi hotspot device that carries an additional charge of $49. The WiFi hotspot is capable of connecting up to five devices simultaneously and comes with a rechargeable battery.

This Jetsetter plans seem to be a better proposition than the provider's launch offerings: last year, a Globalgig Wi-Fi hotspot would set you back $129, while monthly plans started at $25 for 1GB. At the time, the service was also only available in Australia, the US and the UK.

On the downside, the service is currently 3G only powered by Optus in Australia. That said, when it comes to global roaming it's probably better not to chew through data at blistering speeds.


    If your only going to one country for a while I think it's better to look at local prepay pricing too. When I was in the UK I got a £15 Unlimited Data sim, no registration, no questions asked.
    Obviously this would change in other countries but its worth having a look.

    Just back from travel in Europe and buying a SIM locally is definitely the way to go!

    In Poland you can pick up a SIM from Orange with Unlimited data for a month for less than AUD$10 (Coverage can be a bit spotty in Poland, but I had pretty good luck with Orange)

    In Germany Vodaphone USED to offer similar but have cancelled that prepaid now. Instead there is a generic branded SIM available from phone shops that uses the Vodaphone network, again, unlimited data, 10 Euros. (the European definition of unlimited is 200Mb or so and then slower speeds, no excess charges)

    France was harder, I'm still to find a good local solution in France.

    UK, a year ago I got a Vodaphone SIM for 10 pounds, not sure what the current state is.

    The point is, it's CHEAP! These data only SIMs are usually plenty for the average traveller who wants to check Facebook, post Instagrams and use maps to find your way around.

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