'GIF Hell' Website Keeps You Plugged Into The Bitmap Zeitgeist

.gif Hell is a new website that displays the most popular GIFs trending on Twitter in real time. Bookmark this page and you'll never be left out of the meme loop again.

.gif Hell is an ingeniously simple website that tracks and chronicles animated GIFs that are being tweeted en masse.

In addition to keeping you abreast of what's currently "hip" (always a plus in today's social media-obsessed world) the website provides a handy stockpile of amusing GIFs that can be copied and shared with friends.

You can track the most-recently tweeted GIFs or check out the most popular overall. Currently, the site is awash with GIFs from the MTV VMAS Music Awards; mainly of Miley Cyrus' horrendously filthy performance and the crowd's varied reactions.

There are also various GIFs of cute critters doing cute stuff, such as the bunny rabbit above.

A word of warning: hardcore porn GIFs — and we really do mean "hardcore" — are sprinkled throughout, so it might not be the best idea to view this website while at work. (Unless you work in the porn industry, natch.)

For everyone else, click here.


    hahah must have watched that hamster for a good 2 minutes...

    ... And then decided to never under any circumstances visit that site...

      hahah it's a rabbit, & gifhell.com is offline due to violations of hosting Ts & Cs to do with porn.

      ....And when the porn returns, so will I...

    Well, now the porn is gone the page is full of Bieber and One Direction gifs. I cant fap to that!

    But if you want over 1000 pages of the most choice lolz on the internet then look no further than here (some are NSFW):


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