Get Monoprice's 50+ Bulk Discount On Any Item With This Coupon Code

Get Monoprice's 50+ Bulk Discount On Any Item with This Coupon Code

Monoprice is a great place to buy audio gear, headphones, ink and lots more. If you buy more than 50 of a specific item, you get a big discount for buying in bulk. Now, Monoprice is offering that discount to everyone, whether you order one item or 100 items.

To get the discount, all you need is to enter coupon code EMP0823 at checkout. You'll get the 50+ price on all of the items in your cart, which can add up to pretty big savings. Plus, you can use the coupon code as many times as you like between now and September 15, 2013, when the code expires.

Monoprice emailed the code out to friends and family earlier this week, encouraging them to share it with others, so you don't have to worry about someone pulling the plug on the code because of overuse. Did you know Monoprice even sells mechanical keyboards?

Monoprice [via Dan Frakes]


    Don't bother! Rip off!

    I select approx $15 of items, and postage estimated at $40

    May aswell spend the extra $40 on the items and buy them in AUS from Centrecom / MSY / JB Hifi etc

    They're not a rip off. It's just this article is obvious a copy paste from the US Lifehacker.
    Monoprice are excellent, but yes, sadly they are US based, which is great for them, not for us.
    Lifehacker, how about posting relevant articles to your Aussie page?

      Been pointing this out for ages. Always falls on deaf ears.
      Hope you like regurgitated sugru recipes!

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