Get Fit For Free On YouTube

Get Fit For Free On YouTube
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You can’t browse YouTube without stumbling upon someone’s homemade exercise video, but few deliver on the promise of actually providing a full-blown routine. Gregory Han, editor of Apartment Therapy Tech, decided to dig in and figure out how to find and use the good information to get in shape.

From short 30 second clips showing just one exercise to full 30 minute multi-exercise routines, YouTube proved to be an excellent online guide for introducing many of the basic moves which have in time, repetition after repetition, become second nature. It was also from the YouTube comments section — admittedly a minefield of bickering between fitness fanatics dotted with a few glowing gems of information — where another beginner directed me over to an iPad-optimised fitness app.

After sifting through all the information, he put it into practice and lost 11kg. He details the good stuff he found and a few apps that helped him too. You can read the whole story over at Apartment Therapy Tech to learn more.

How I Used YouTube As a Home Personal Trainer (and Dropped 25lbs) [Apartment Therapy Tech]


  • Interesting article…Good summary of advice and a couple of decent apps, but I dont think they’re all worth it. That said, bodyweight exercises are pretty awesome. Really cool to see someone using them to get fit and lose weight coz a lot of people bag out body weight exercises. Personally, Im working towards increasing reps of muscle-ups and will the move onto one arm chin-ups and planche pushups.

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