Fold Sheets Lengthwise First For Easier Bed Making Later

Always find yourself having to reposition sheets when you're putting them on the bed? Reader Loz suggests a simple fix: make the first fold lengthwise, which will give you a marker for where the middle of the sheet is.

Bed picture from Shutterstock

As Loz explains:

When putting your bed sheets away in the linen cupboard make the first fold of your flat sheet length ways. This makes it easier to put the sheet right down the middle of the bed when making it.

Simple but definitely effective. Thanks Loz!


    Wasn't this common knowledge?

      Is making your bed common?

        If you do it any less than fortnightly then that's just plain dirty, so yes fairly common.

    That's fine if you have arms like an orangutan to fold the thing in the first place. The easier way is to fold in half and half again etc the old way. Then when placing on the bed unfold to the last quarter fold and place sheet with the quarter corner in the middle of the bed and unfold for same results without the nonsense of a long fold in the first place...! :)

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