Five Trends That Influence Who Gets Hired

Wanna get hired? Hang around on social networks, butter up your colleagues and stay close to your mobile at all times. That's the message from one recent survey.

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The data comes from a survey by LinkedIn of 280 Australian employers, so it's unsurprising that one conclusion is that social networking is a key source for hiring. Just as noteworthy: internal hires are increasing compared to the year before, with 36 per cent of companies seeing a rise in internal promotions.

Other trends from the survey: mobile recruitment is important but needs improvement, only 15 per cent of Australian businesses think they make effective use of data in hiring decisions, and the brand of an employer makes a big difference when candidates choose their next role. Does that match with your experience?


    you mean to say
    "Hiring Manager" --> Recruitment agency --> Online Advertisement --> Bum-on-seat for 3 months -> 100% commission paid.

    isn't the best way forward for people's careers anymore?

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