Find Your Nearest Election Sausage Sizzle

We all know how important voting is, but who wants to vote on an empty stomach? Here’s the most vital election intel: where to get your pre-vote sausage in a bun.

Liberal, Labor, Greens, Pirate Party, ketchup, mustard or fried onions?

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We can't tell you who to vote for, but we can answer that last part. Snagvotes, which launched just before the federal election in 2010, shows you the election fundraisers and festivities in your electorate. It includes cake stalls, sausage sizzles and fairs, and you can narrow your search to just one of those possibilities. Looking for vegetarian eats before you fill out your ballot form? Go get ‘em.

Right now, there’s 168 events listed. That averages out to one sausage sizzle per 45,000 square kilometers (I calculated), but most are clustered in urban areas. New South Wales is heading the list with 44, and most of them are in Sydney.

In the name of science, I tested out the site to see if I could find my local fry up. While I could locate my nearest polling place, there were no flags to mark nearby sausage sizzles. Possibly because the nearest is 3km away. Still, thanks to a bit of research, at least I now know where I'm going to fill out my ballot and fill up my stomach.

Don’t get disappointed if there's no cake stall nearby, though: more events will be added in the next two weeks (and we’re doing our part to help that with this story, we hope).

Queensland might only have 37 snacking spots so far, but it got to test out Snagvotes during last year’s state elections and got a total of 149 events listed. That works out to about two events per electorate, so we’re pretty certain you’ll be able to find something suitable on polling day.

If you’re organising something, it’s definitely worth popping it on the site.



    Damn it, nothing for the school i'm working at on election day, bugger.

    Finally some election news we want to hear!

    Norwood Primary School - Sausage Sizzle,Egg and Bacon Rolls Sausage Sizzle and Drinks.Cool only 100M from my house, even though I choose not to participate in the democratic process I will definatlly choose to participate in the free-loading process.

      "even though I choose not to participate in the democratic process..."

      I always find it strange people who can find time and energy to post comments on an internet blog, yet cannot be bothered to be a part of the communities they live in for just 30 minutes, once every four years.

      Yet I will happily continue to do my bit for the democratic process so that they might go on enjoying their lives of political apathy, as is their right to do.

      But I will be disappointed if there's no sausage sizzle at my local Polling Place... don't make me go to Bunnings please :)

        It's not even 30 minutes for those who live rather close the polling places, it's maybe 5 minutes of their time! There's also postal votes and all that too for the real lazy.

        When the menu is limited a fried turd or a turd sandwich some people prefer not to order.

        (I do vote, i'm not happy about who i can choose from, no party deserves to win just have to pick the one that will screw up the country in a way that you prefer)

      I will definatlly choose to participate in the free-loading process

      It's not free, the schools do it as a fundraiser.

    I thought all schools had a sausage sizzle, i am a 30second walk to my local polling place so they better have one.

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