Find The Streaming Music Service That Works For You With This Chart

Find The Streaming Music Service That Works For You With This Chart

You have a lot of options for streaming music. From Pandora to Rdio, making the choice of which one is right for you isn’t as easy as it seems. Thankfully, the folks over at Dealnews put together a flowchart to help you make your choice.

The chart is based on whether you like your music radio-style or by album. Once you make that choice you’re sent off to a bunch of different free and paid options. If you haven’t stuck your flag in the ground and declared your favourite streaming yet, this chart should help make that choice easier.

Find The Streaming Music Service That Works For You With This Chart

A Guide to Finding the Right Music Streaming Service [Dealnews via]


  • What about MOG? If you’re with Telstra, downloads don’t count tiwards either yor home or 3g/4g quota

  • Not a bad chart, but it’s definitely a bit flawed.

    “Do you own an Android phone?” -> YES, leads to Google Play. Why not also Spotify? Spotify has native support for Apple, Google and Microsoft platforms. So if you’re going to pay $10 a month, that’s obviously the better choice.

    I haven’t played around with some of the other services, but I’ve tried Google Play and Deezer as well as Spotify and I keep coming back to Spotify.

  • Looks like I don’t have any option other than piracy according to this chart. Perhaps I’ll stick to listening to the music that I already own and skip the streaming thing.

  • JB Now works a treat, and I got my subscription code free when I purchased Game of Thrones a few moths ago.

  • Yeah, the lack of MOG is quite an omission. But no point complaining about the chart here. It’s not made by Lifehacker. Probably not Australian either.

  • Almost guessed right, but RDIO web is a crappy service that needs you to keep your phone turned on, thus use more power.

  • Why do you persistently forget to include Xbox music in these comparisons?

    It has Streaming, Downloads, Cloud Storage and is cheaper to do outright purchases than Google Play & iTunes.

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