DIY Taste-Test: McDonald’s Big Mac Angus Burger

DIY Taste-Test: McDonald’s Big Mac Angus Burger

One Bic Mac. Two Mighty Angus patties. One horribly abused stomach.

Last month, we taste-tested the McDonald’s “Noah’s Ark” burger: a bespoke butcher’s nightmare consisting of battered chicken, a beef patty and bacon. As we noted at the time, this greasy concoction went down a treat — but was somewhat less pleasant at the opposite end. (For those requiring further elucidation, we’ll leave you with this “classic” scene from Dumb and Dumber.)

Having semi-recovered from my meat violation, it’s time to push this sticky envelope even further into the bowels of hell. Why? Because you readers seem to like it.

Yesterday, I ordered a customised Angus Big Mac burger comprising two full Angus beef patties crammed into a meatless Big Mac. The total price came to a reasonable $6, which is around the same price as an Angus burger with only one meat patty.

Here’s what the burger looks like:

As you can see, this is a hugely intimidating feast that isn’t for the feint of heart or narrow of stomach. The Angus patties are literally overflowing out of the bun like some kind of sentient jack-in-the-box hellbent on attacking you vital organs from within. Body-horror maestro David Cronenberg should totally snap up the movie rights to it.

As you can probably glean from the above photo, this was too much meat for me (indeed, I suspect it’s too much meat for anybody). I barely got through half the burger.

The abundance of beef also detracted from McDonald’s classic Bic Mac sauce — the primarily flavours were grease and heavily processed cheese.

It’s been a good 15 hours since I partook in this monstrosity and I still feel a bit queasy to be honest.

While surprisingly affordable, the McDonald’s Angus Big Mac isn’t a meal I would recommend to any carnivorous animal, especially humans. Order at your own risk.

Think you can top the Noah’s Ark burger or Big Mac Angus? [contact text=”Send in”] your own customised takeaway creations and we’ll publish the best ones in a followup article!


  • I’m not a fan of the Angus beef patties, I usually avoid any of their new burgers that use them. That said, I’ve always wanted to try just this with the quarter pounder beef patties. In fact, with how long I’ve been wanting to do this for, I have no idea why I still haven’t.

    The flavour of the patty would probably work better with the other ingredients, though I’d also swap out the bun too (with a bottom-half of the bun in the middle), then adjust amounts of lettuce & secret sauce up as well to compensate, it shouldn’t be _too_ bad?

    • flipped burgers a decade ago this was referred to as a ‘senior mac’, although i think it was a store/staff specific thing.

      Basically you use a 1/4 pounder bun and another 1/4 pounder bun base as the ‘club’, use double shots of sauce on both base and club, use 1/4 pounder onions, put cheese on both sections of the burger, 3-6 pickles all up and of course 2 1/4 pounder patties.

  • I’m not sure that could be classified as a burger. It looks more like a meat mountain with some incidental bread and lettuce.

    How did the … ah … “opposite end” respond this time?

  • TBH i just dont think your hardcore enough for these tests, i remember in my youth smashing down 2 x double quarter pounders with extra cheese and sauce between TEE exams with no side affects apart from a massive burp during the english exam. It was a regular thing to do in my hometown you only had to go to the drive-thru and ask for a pounder and thats what they gave you.

    • I remember Hungry Jacks doing very short-time specials that were essentially 3-4 of their large patties in cheeseburger form (no vegies other than maybe one slice of pickle, cheese separating all, then tomato sauce & ketchup). I miss those. Kept getting talked down from having a second every time I had one.

      Doubt they’d get away with releasing such a thing anymore. I simply bring it up because it’s a similar thing to what you’re talking about.

      • Yeh you would see people complaining on the news about some of them I’d just be like “challenge accepted”

  • I wish my wife/friends/coworkers/self would give me such challenges.
    They keep challenging me to eat healthily and exercise. Curse them.

  • A few years back I asked for a chicken version of the Big Mac, but it cost $8. I couldn’t justify the cost at the time.

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