Ditch The Fork: Use Chopsticks To Eat Salad

Ditch The Fork: Use Chopsticks To Eat Salad
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Chopsticks are for more than just Asian takeaway: they’re practically tailor-made for salad consumption.

This tip is so obvious in hindsight, yet I’ve been stabbing at lettuce and croutons with a fork like a sucker my entire life. The chopsticks act as an extension of your fingers to scoop and lift the various salad ingredients towards your mouth. Unlike forks, which struggle with croutons and flimsy lettuce leaves, chopsticks work well for every part of the salad.

If you’re a little rusty on using chopsticks, you can always use a rubber band to make a nice training set.

The Best Way to Eat a Salad? With a Pair of Chopsticks [The Kitchn]


  • I always do this… Actually I use chopsticks for everything, it’s good for training hand muscles.

    That being said most people can only use chopsticks at a basic level, and salad isn’t one of the easier things to eat with chopsticks really…

    • I find salad much easier to eat with chopsticks than rice.

      How the countries of oriental Asia managed to invent the single WORST way to eat their staple foods, I’ll never know.

      • because they cook there rice so its sticky and it makes the grains stick and clump together making it quite easy to pick up with chopsticks.

        • It’s fine until your rice levels get low, it’s nearly impossible to pick out the last few bits of rice with chopsticks. Conversely, I never understood why white folk insist on eating rice with forks. Spoons FTW!

          • Asian here.

            It’s easy to scoop up the rest in a bowl, very difficult to eat rice on a plate with a chopstick however. In such cases, asians usually go to the spoon and chopstick combination (spoon on left, chopstick on right)

  • I totally disagree. Look at the sample pick of salad in your article – if I plunged a fork into that I would end up with a healthy amount on each stab, save perhaps for the last few leaves on the plate, but who eats those?

    I still agree with Seinfeld on chopsticks: “You know they’ve seen the fork. They’re staying with the sticks. I don’t know how they missed it. Chinese farmer gets up, works in the field with a shovel all day. Shovel. Spoon. Come on. You’re not plowing 40 acres with a couple of pool cues!”


  • Try and pick up a cherry tomato with a chopstick…that will bring you back to a fork for sure haha I love using chopsticks but I think most people would struggle

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